TOO BAD! Ugandan Pastor, Derrick Baimukye’s Wife Sextape Leaks Online (+18 Video)

After all the dry like mweruka videos we’ve watched in the past few months, finally we have a river nile in Bushenyi renown MP Kabuura Derrick Baimukye’s alleged wife Karungi Joy whose clips have leaked online leaving everyone wondering who washes their bed sheets.

According to these clips obtained by Blizz Uganda Kachabali desk, they won’t leave any man who wants water the same.

So far, three different videos of this woman identified as Joy have been leaked by a yet to be identified person but they have been widely shared online ending up landing in our innocent inboxes.

In one of them, the curvecious Joy is seen in the bathroom dancing completely in eve’s suit as her sumbie is seen calling for the love of her life to chew.

In another video of her which made its way to the internet shows her splashing the Nile waters as her sumbie is being chewed ferociously as she tries to cover her face with her hand as her lover beats kachabali on her bean making her sweet delicious sumbie ooze waterfalls.

Watch the videos below:

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  1. Nothing strange.This’s a normal occurrance with many people.It’s only that she’s a celebrity and it came to the limelight.Let’s not judge her.After all she consented and she really enjoyed every bit of it.Forget what you’ve have seen.

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