Mercy Chinwo’s Fiance Reacts After Nigerians Dug Up Old Video Of Him Referring To Her As His ”Sister” (Video)

Pastor Blessed, the fiance of gospel artiste, Mercy Chinwo, has reacted to the video of him describing Mercy as his sister sometime back.

Recall that Mercy announced their engagement on her Instagram page last week. Shortly after the announcement, Nigerians dug out a video in which Pastor Blessed described Mercy as his sister.

Some Nigerians taunted them, saying they started off their relationship after ‘forming’ that they were like ‘brothers and sisters’.

Well, he has jokingly replied. While preaching in his church on Sunday, Pastor Blessed thanked those he referred to as ‘special online inlaws’ who have been following them since their engagement and also visited his church.

“They dug up my old message where I said she is like a sister. Am I not a brother? She is my sister. When it is time to get married, look among the sisters and pick Who do you want to pick before? 

When Mary Magdalene came to hug Jesus, he said ‘Wait, I am going to meet my father and your father’. It has turned to brotherhood and sisterhood. The kingdom is one family.

People are carnally minded. We have too many Christians that are not believers. We have unbelieving Christians. 

Be renewed in your mind that you may be able to discern and know when your sister has turned to wife”, he said.

Watch a video of him speaking below..

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