OH NO! Mother And 2 Daughters Traveling To East For Christmas Die As Their SUV Crashes

A mother and her two daughters on boxing day died in a motor accident at Ijebu-Ife, along Sagamu road, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria.

They were travelling to the Eastern part of the country when the accident occurred.

Spokesperson, Traffic Enforcement law and Compliance (TRACE), Tunde Akinbiyi in a release said the accident involved a Dangote truck and a Ford Jeep with the plate number WW 630 XA and AKD 311 HH respectively.

He said the driver of the Jeep escaped death while the mother and her daughters died.

According to him, the driver of the jeep rammed into the truck from behind due to excessive speed and lost control.

Eye witnesses said the woman and her daughters were on their way for holiday from Lagos. The husband of the woman is said to live abroad.

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