“You Can’t Be Me So Why Bother?” – Nengi Asks Those Saying She’s Getting Too Fat (Video)

BBNaija reality show star Nengi has a message for those who have been telling her she’s becoming fat recently saying they can’t be her so why do they bother about her being fat.

Nengi has gained weight off late and it appears a lot of people have been telling her whenever they get the chance or her attention and she in return has sent them a PSA asking them not to bother themselves because they can’t be her.

Nengi sent this message across through one of her Tik Tok videos and even though it looks funny and was just for fun, we believe she was trying to address the way people are telling her she’s becoming fat and gaining more weight.

According to her, they can’t be her so why do they bother themselves about her getting fat as she’s the one adding more weight and no them and we agree with her since it’s her body and her life, she decides whether to lose weight at her own will and not because others say so.

Nengi still looks beautiful whether she is fat or not as it appears the little weight she has added is actually good for her as it makes her look so beautiful and it suits her very well so why are others bothered about her since that can’t be who she is.

Video below;

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