“My Wife Is Persuading Me To Drive My Sister Out Of Our House” – Man Laments

A man who seems to be confused about the recent development in his house between his wife and his sister has surfaced to seek the advice of people on what to do.”

According to him, his sister suffered a terrible divorce which almost ruined her life and in a bid to get her emotionally sound again after the trauma, he suggested that she comes and lives with him and his family.

He further revealed that there have been massive improvements in his sister’s life ever since she began living with them, but the only problem he is having is his wife who has requested that he drives her away for some reason.

Sharing the story, he wrote:

“I have a little problem that is gradually escalating. It’s between my wife and my big sister…my big sister is 36 and I’m 34.. my wife is 26.. and we have two children… my sister left a very messy divorce that got her suicidal some few months ago.. her husband left and took everything…initially, I got her an apartment which was quite far from her work and from my house…”

Check out the full gist below:

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