Video Of An Adult Saudi Girl Molesting Her Younger Sister As She Cries On Instagram Live

Yesterday, a Saudi girl in her 20’s who calls herself ‘Engle’ went live on Instagram as she was molesting her younger sister.

According to social media users, the young child was about 9 years old, and she was heard hysterically crying while begging her older sister to stop the harassment.

Engle’s video has been widely circulated on social media, with Saudi users launching hashtag #ArrestMolesterEngle demanding officials to intervene and arrest the pedophile sister.

Engle was described as devoid of any feelings for harassing her sister in this ugly way, in addition to filming the incident and publishing it without any fear or hesitation.

Promptly, Human Resources Services Division in Riyadh responded to the video, and tweeted: ‘Referring to what has been circulated on social media about the abuse of a child by her sister, we clarify that the case has been monitored and necessary measures are being taken in coordination with the relevant authorities.’

Few hours later, Riyadh Region Police has managed to arrest the molester.

They said in a statement that the security follow-up has resulted in the identification and arrest of the molester, as it was found that she is a citizen in her twenties.

The District Police confirmed that what the molester did to the child was a violation of the systems to combat harassment and combat information crimes.

The statement noted that preliminary legal measures were taken against her and she was referred to the Public Prosecution.

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