DETECTIVES!! Who’s Dead Among The Three? (Correct Answer Wins A Cash)

Can we get a skillful detectives here?

Come in here and tell us who is dead among the three men, A, B Or C?

NB: Give reasons to your answers.

The comments box is open.. The correct answer wins a CASH!.

Drop your comments. 👇


  1. The dead person is B
    He isn’t sitting on anything
    So when he was shot that was the position he took🙂🙂🙂🙂

  2. A is the dead one, there is alot of water inside his body that’s why he came on top the water.
    If he was alive there is no way he can stay like that

  3. I think is A because if he is alive all his body will not be inside the water like that

  4. C is dead cos person A swimming and sail on top of water while B is chilling outside the pool….C now is reading a book before but as u can see now falling inside the water as he’s dead.

  5. A is the dead person, because the position shows that he was shoot while swimming.

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