Man Alleged Arrested For Carrying A Condom Containing Sperm

A man was allegedly arrested because he was found with a condom containing sperm.

The brother of the arrested man who brought the issue to light went on Twitter to complain about his brother’s arrest.

He tweeted:

“SARS AT SARS ROAD has been holding my brother since yday night that they saw him with a condom. He slept here and we’ve been looking for him, we only discovered this morning and they are asking for money!!!!”

The police responded to his tweet, writing: “The OC Anti-Cultism was contacted in respect of the arrest.”

The police later returned to Twitter to give an update and the reason for the man’s arrest.

The police complaint unit tweeted: “The OC Anti Cultism responded, that the Young man was intercepted on a Roadblock with fluid packed in a Condom, put in a pure water bag.”

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