CHILD ABUSE!! Twitter Agog After A Lady Is Filmed Kissing A 3-Year-Old Boy Erotically, Asks Him To Spank Her Butts (Video)

A controversial video making rounds on the internet show a lady sexually abusing a young boy by kissing him erotically and asking the young boy to spank her butt

A three years old boy was seen kissing a matured lady passionately and erotically and the lady instigated this abuse as seen in the video.

The Lady was seen kissing the boy erotically and as if that wasn’t enough, she was later seen smooching the young boy’s butt and asking the young boy to do the same to her butt.

The video shows another lady sitting next to them and at one point later spoke against the boy’s action merely in a native language in South Africa. The boy responded to her and even hit her slightly as the lady kissing him called his attention back and started kissing him erotically again.

The lady later sat the boy on her laps and kissed him even deep and was seen pressing the young boy’s butt, asking the young boy to spank her butt

However, this video has sparked a lot of controversial reactions from viewers

Watch the video below:-

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Could this boy be lucky or being abused?

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