Touching Photos Of A Nigerian Mother Crying During Her Only Child’s Wedding

A photographer has captured the raw moment a Nigerian mother and her only daughter were criying profusely at the latter’s wedding held in Maiduguri, Borno State.

According to BigHwedding, who posted the photos on Tuesday, March 30, mother and daughter share a special and admirable bond.

“Aisha & her mom have a very admirable bond.More than family, they are friends.
The moment I found out that Aisha was an only child and the beautiful relationship she shares with her mother, I wanted to photograph the wedding with the hope that we’d be able to capture the raw emotions between them,” the photographer wrote.

“It was truly fulfilling and wholesome being able to capture those pure moments as seen in these images. A popular saying goes “a mother’s love is the greatest love” – I couldn’t agree more”

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