Yul Edochie Calls Out Those Who Laugh At Nigerians Who Speak English With An Accent

Nollywood actor and politician, Yul Edochie has called out Nigerians who laugh at fellow citizens who speak English with an accent.

The Nollywood star stressed that such people have no problems with a Chinese man speaking English with a Chinese accent. But when an Igbo man speaks English with an Igbo accent, he’s laughed at and called Igbotic.

The actor wrote via his Twitter handle;

The Chinese man speaks English with a Chinese accent.
Same with the Italian, etc.
But you’re cool with it cos they are white.
Then your Igbo brother will speak his English with Igbo accent.
And you laugh at him, ‘oh he’s too Igbotic’.
Is he supposed to be Portuguese?

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