SAD!! The Photos Late Dagrin’s Car Still Lying In LASU After Many Years Of Demise (Photos)

Nothing makes me extremely upset than perceiving how close family members and companions surrender and fail to remember the recollections of their late companions or relative.

I recently went to the Lagos State University (LASU), to see a companion and I never figured I would be seeing what I saw that day.

As my companion and I was strolling past the branch of theater crafts of the school, my companion highlighted an amazingly harmed Nissan maxima 2008 model vehicle, at the contrary side and said, that is the late Dagrin’s Car, the very Car he had the horrible accident with in the front of Alakara police headquarters, off Agege engine street, Mushin, Lagos State on the April 22nd, 2010.

I was very sad. In fact, I could tell you that my heart sank almost immediately. I asked him if we could cross over to where the car was, he said yes. We crossed over and that was when I got a clearer view of the car. The car has been turned to an announcement board where people now paste different papers on. Immediately, his past memories came to me. I could imagine when he just bought the car, how he cruised around with it and the pictures he took with it.

Whoever left Dagrin’s Damaged car at Lasu thinking it is a way of immortalizing the late rapper did not probably think it well. I was told of how his car was once decorated before it was later abandoned at the school. Why did they decorate it in the first place, were they trying to form a fake immortalization that they know would not last?

Taking the car to the museum would have been the best way to immortalize the late rapper. Moreso, I am really disappointed that most Nigerian artistes, especially the ones he was so close with, have decided to forget the late rapper and his memories. So much for having a fake family in the Nigerian music industry.

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