The Best Age To Get Married According To Scientists

The best age to get married has been one of the discussions that many people have been asking on Google and seeking elderly ones advice, come to think of it is indeed a good question that requires well explanatory and candid advice since marriage is one of the things all human beings can not avoid when they reach a certain time in their lifetime.

Am telling you with confidence now that your search has finally come to an end today as you are reading this post.

Research has revealed that most people begin to get aware of the situation after they are already in the process of being hooked. They tend to have clashing discussions in their mind as they are perplexed about what to do and when exactly is good for them to get married.

Before you deep into this post can you ask yourself these questions? Am I ready to devote all my time to one person that deserves me? Can I ever be faithful and reliable to this person? Do I ready to bear a child that I can raise to my likeness, pay school fees and manage the house? If your answers are no, then I advise you to wait a little longer before considering marriage.

A Survey carried out by some relationship experts discovered that most people within the age range of 22 and 30 woman and man respectively were bound to have effective marriage at the time mentioned.

Another research by the IFS – Institute For Family Studies also revealed that relationships that begin at a younger age have higher chances of ending with a Divorce though some religions like Islam believes that marrying at an early stage is good for some reasons which are contradictory to this research.

It has been made cleared and agreed on that the best age to get married should be before age 32 as for men and might be less for women. The problem of divorce after that particular age increases by 5%

I recommend and give candid advice to those who are in this age to go for early marriage most especially women because it will be very easy for them to deliver when it’s time for the baby to come out and other reasons that cannot be mentioned right now. In conclusion, I hope everyone can consider the points drafted out and if you meet such requirement, think over and over again to see the thing beyond this post. I pray we all have a home full of harmony

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