“I Don’t Know Why Men Keep Looking At My Chest” – Beautiful Lady Laments

Today a beautiful lady has come out on social media to ask a question on why men keep looking at her chest any time she goes out, she the situation is now getting embarrassing as she has caught even married men staring at her.

According to her she said, she has what every other woman has on their chest. The woman who goes by the name Angelina narrated a story of a day she went to the mall to get something for herself, she said while she was shopping, a man and his girlfriend came into the mall also to get something for themselves too.

As they were shopping, she caught the guy staring at her but she said nothing about it, the guy kept staring at her until his girlfriend noticed and gave him a very dirty slap on his face she said she was so shocked that she almost ran out of the mall.

According to Angelina, the girl kept slap and shouting at her boyfriend until they left the mall, she said the girl almost accused her boyfriend of cheating on her with me.

These days many men are putting themselves in trouble just because of women and the most annoying things is that most of the men have wives or girlfriends who can satisfy their needs almost anytime because I don’t see why a man would put his relationship with his wife or girlfriend at risk just because of another woman. Men these days have to learn how to control themselves especially when they are public because I can’t begin to imagine the amount of embarrassment that guy must have taken from his girlfriend just because he can’t control his lust for other women.

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