“All The Pu$$y Oil Wey Babalawo Give Sidechicks Don Expire” – Cubana ChiefPriest

Ace nightlife entrepreneur, Cubana Chief Priest has taken a dig at side chicks who he claims will be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

According to Cubana Chief Priest, some side chicks are worried that their men won’t return to them after the Coronavirus pandemic because some smart wives must have used the opportunity to work on their husbands. 

He added that this is the longest time marriages have had faithful partners, and kids are spending the longest time with their parents. The nightlife entrepreneur also averred that if men invest 20 percent of what they give to the side chicks in their wives, they will remain sexy and classy.

Cubana Chief Priest wrote;


  1. A word is enough for the wise.superb advice from a super man@ Cubans chief priest.

  2. @cubbana chief priest… In this one sermon influenced millions that will read this, more than what some preachers have done for 10years. More grace, more blessings… I rep you 100! Hope to be a big guy like you some day

  3. I had to go through the write up again… I’m almost moved to tears. So witty, so deep, so educative and instructive. Thanks big time! God bless u

  4. Nightlife.but you forget to mentioned how dude spend lavishly in club. Guys this is 100% clearance don’t waste your money in clubs again, coronavirus Don teach us to save money for inside life.

  5. Cubana Sir,,,, ur talk don over sweet me
    Infact u don turn My motivational speaker Sir

  6. It’s true oooh all Men should Focus on their women and Leave the unmarried ones for us ooooh

    Pls respect cubana’s speech and put his talk to practice ooooh

  7. God bless u bro, for this little advice @ officialcubanapriest more blessing

  8. Oga boss, in fact you are indeed a role model. Your advice is indeed a good inspiration, encouraging and moreso educating. May God bless you more and more. I have always been one of your fans and followers. You are my role model.

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