5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Has Strange Animals As Pets (Photos)

Pets are the number one animals everybody including celebrities wants in their homes and lives, but sometimes alot of celebrities nowadays keep pets which are not met to the kept at home.
Well the reason why I say this is because some Nigerian celebrities have brought and kept pets which have kept their family and fans wondering for years.

Most of these celebrities really love the animal they took home as pets but their fans really don’t share the same ideas as them. So in today’s article am going to show you guys 5 Nigerian celebrities who brought strange animals as pets.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get right into the article.

1. Pretty Mike

Popular lagos club owner and model, Mike Nwogu a. k. a Pretty Mike shocked the whole world after he brought a huge python in his house as a pet. Well many people online speculated that he was part of a occultic group and that was the reason why he brought that type of pet to his house.

2. Yovi

Popular Afrobeat Artist brought a dangerous crocodile as a pet and If you’re in shock about this, then it will really surprise you to know that he did a naming ceremony for his newly required baby crocodile.

3. Wizkid

Wizkid also brought himself a strange pet which got alot of people talking for over a year. Well the animal he actually got was a goat and this made alot people think that maybe the Nigerian musician have joined the Illuminati because a goat is part of their logos.

4. Burna Boy

The African giant also got himself a strange pet which he actually loves. Well he got himself a monkey.

5. Runtown

Singer runtown came into this list because he brought a white lion for over N50Million as a pet. The white lion is a rare breed of lions and it is said to be found in only private zoos.


Guys would you have any of these animals as pets?

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