VERY BAD! My Girlfriend Spent The Night In My House For The First Time Only To Wake Up This Morning To See This

A young man has Narrated how his girlfriend wet his bed for the first time she spent the night at his place.

Read the story below,

I met this beautiful young lady at one wedding party in Winneba in 2019 and i took her number and we started  calling each other.

I am the type of person who hate cheating and I don’t drink nor smoke. after some weeks I proposed to her and she accepted. the fact is that we don’t see each other like that yet we chat on Whatsapp.

she promised to visit me on the 25th of July which was on Saturday. One thing I notice about her is that she doesn’t asked me for money or anything but I do give her something once a while.

she came as promised around 7pm in the evening and I took her to one café at my area where we had fun and became more acquainted with one another ..

Nothing happened between us that night cause she dozed off on the bed and I rested on the love seat..

Better believe it the previous evening we slept on the same bed (yet I was unable to rest soundly because of certain reasons)

Around 5am I felt something cold like water on the bed and when i got up to check what was cold like ice on the bed, I saw that she had pee on herself.

when she woke up at the beginning  she was too shy to even look at my face but I advised her not to stress herself because it happens like that.. presently she has gone back to her home.

So tell us,

How are you going to handle this if you’re in the guy’s shoes?

Does it worth a break up?

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