Igbo Is The Most Hated Tribe In Nigeria! – TRUE or FALSE?

I think it’s inappropriate to point out one group as the most hated, with over 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages in Nigeria presently.
Every tribe has a stereotype about another which might be communicated jokingly or seriously.

But I seriously believe the Igbos are the most hated tribe because of their competitive, progressive nature. Since the inception of the geographical area called Nigeria the Igbos have been politically marginalised.

Could you believe that since the civil war, Nigeria has not elected an Igbo president? Though some people argued that is not hate, rather the consequences of making the wrong choice in politics. But that’s hatred and marginalization in my opinion.

There are hundreds notable points to solidify my claim that the Igbos are the most hated in Nigeria, but for the sake of peace and unity, I drop pen here.

TRUE or FALSE? Igbo Is The Most Hated Tribe/Ethnic Group In Nigeria

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