OMG!! This Nollywood Actor Allegedly Killed His Wife (Photos)

Nollywood has witnessed some bizarre circumstances where some famous actors have been accused of having a hand in the death of another person.
According to a report by Daily Post, Rich Oganiru the accused perpetrator of the crime is an integral member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria who has starred in a lot of Nollywood movies.

The sad incident occurred in a hospital when Rich Oganiru paid a visit to his late wife in a hospital and gave her a pill to swallow without the knowledge of the doctors and nurses.

Further investigations through autopsy report came to bare that the deceased swallowed the poison given to her by her husband.

Per reports by Daily Post, Rich Oganiru and his late wife who was a rich businesswoman were trying to get a baby as all their efforts proved futile.

The motive behind the accused murder is not known as they had everything every couple desired in a happy marriage like money and peace aside their inability to get a child.

See photos:

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