“Why Does 2nd Round Last Longer Than 1st Round?” – Lady Desperately Asks (See Comments)

Desperately for an answer, this woman has come out and put her followers on tip-toes begging to know why the first round always ends so fast.
The questions that was being pondered over was “Why is second round always longer than the first round”.

A user by name, Seccess Gold posed the question which caused a lot of tongues wagging.

She wrote;

“Why is second round always Longer than first round?… I’m talking about football before you think otherwise oh.”

I know that because of what people do on social media sites, people have to think otherwise about the question of this lady. But her question is very cunning, on the other hand.

In my opinion, I know for the fact that this her question is a question of a thousand answers and has lot of meaning. But though since she made it very clear and clarified herself on question to avoid people thinking the other way, to me it’s a cover-up.

So guys,

We would gladly ask if you have any idea why 2nd Round last longer than 1st round?

Drop your comments. 👇🏽

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