Stop Seeking Endorsement From Bishops, Imams – Bishop Kukah Tells Politicians

The Catholic Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese has lampooned politicians who run to religious leaders for endorsements before elections.
Kukah, who spoke on Tuesday during an interview on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily, said Nigeria was yet to practice true democracy.

He stressed that politicians ought to engage the people they intend to serve in order to sell their objectives to them before elections. The Bishop, therefore, urged those seeking elective positions in government to desist from the practice of seeking endorsements from clerics.

“What we are practicing in Nigeria, it’s just theoretically we answer the name democracy. But in reality, what we are dealing with is a feudal system that is tied to agencies and ideologies that have got nothing to do with democracy.

“When last did you see a politician across Europe which we are trying to imitate go and bow to the queen or king or seek blessings from a bishop.

We have too many intervening variables that are confusing the narrative.

“We are really not practicing the principles of democracy and it lies in the fact that only those who have money can hope to be voted into power. “If you feel you need to be anointed to ascend to power then we are running a theocracy.”

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