End Time!! See Photos Of Pastors Caught Doing Filthy Acts In Church

These days, people take decided to take religious as a very big joke, where pastors have endorse heinous acts in churchyards in the name of powers and miracles.
It is worth knowing whoever you as a member you are following other than just following an evil person claiming to be a pastor and end up in the wrong direction.

Here are some of the evil pastors we’re are having.

This pastor was caught forcing congregants to swallow snakes to that they can receive miracles.

The pseudo-religious man decided to go against the odds, forcing the lady to take dettol so as to get pregnant.

The pastor was caught praying for beer so that it can be used as wine during the church service.

This man was caught touching the lady indecent in the sanctuary.

I think sometimes it takes a personal decision you know what is right and wrong. This pastor decided to spray insecticide on the followers so that they can get healed.

This pastor forced a young lady to take her inner clothes so that the holy spirit could enter her and hence get pregnant.

This young man who claimed to be a pastor forced young ladies to strip during a crusade to that they can get blessed.

Religion if for every leaving human but the difference is what we believe. Some to believe in the holy ghost, some in super powers while some have their evil spirits. It is better you stay and pray in your house that following some evil tormented people who claim to be pastors.

Religion has done more harm than good in our today’s communities.

Do You Know, you can be a better person Religious A-side?

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