‘Legend Of The Seeker’ Vs ‘Merlin’ – Which Was A Bigger Movie In The Past?

Barely 24hrs the Season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ was aired on 042BAZE, I can possibly say the numbers of downloads keeps increasing in every 10secs.

I never knew people love movies inasmuch as music lovers until now.

So I’d put up a campaign between ‘LEGEND OF THE SEEKER’ and ‘MERLIN’. We rest assured that everyone must have watched the movies.

But if you ask me I would go for Legend of The Seeker. Recall on Richard Cypher, Zeddicus (The Wizard), Kahlan (Mother Confessor), Cara (The Mordsith), Lord Rahl, General Gremont and the rest of them. 🤪

➨ So guys its up to you now, Let’s know your choices

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Vs MERLIN: Which Was A Bigger Movie Then?

Drop your comments. 👇🏽


  1. @Charles I go with u brother…Seeker got boring with issues of underworld


  2. Legend of the seeker on top even Merlin not that bad💋💋💋💋💋mwssssssssssss

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