‘Legend Of The Seeker’ Vs ‘Merlin’ – Which Was A Bigger Movie In The Past?

Barely 24hrs the Season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ was aired on 042BAZE, I can possibly say the numbers of downloads keeps increasing in every 10secs.

I never knew people love movies inasmuch as music lovers until now.

So I’d put up a campaign between ‘LEGEND OF THE SEEKER’ and ‘MERLIN’. We rest assured that everyone must have watched the movies.

But if you ask me I would go for Legend of The Seeker. Recall on Richard Cypher, Zeddicus (The Wizard), Kahlan (Mother Confessor), Cara (The Mordsith), Lord Rahl, General Gremont and the rest of them. 🤪

➨ So guys its up to you now, Let’s know your choices

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER Vs MERLIN: Which Was A Bigger Movie Then?

Drop your comments. 👇🏽


  1. @Charles I go with u brother…Seeker got boring with issues of underworld


  2. Legend of the seeker on top even Merlin not that bad💋💋💋💋💋mwssssssssssss

  3. I choose merlin

    Legend of the seeker has a hell of flaws, how could a wizard that disappears this particular time will do that when he sees a more sith and some other times just to make them capture the old man he won’t disappear that’s shit.

    The mother confessor should never be prone to confession and even those that are confessed should not even know that they are confessed , some will still say words like “before I was confessed” while they are still under confession that’s not proper

    A lot of flaws that couldn’t be remembered tho

    But it’s cool anyways with the boring issue of underworld even the good and bad goes there after death 😂😂😂

    I choose MERLIN

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