‘I’m Done, I Can’t Keep Fighting’ Man Gives Up On Coronavirus After 11 Days

A devastated wife, Hilary Storrie,  has revealed how her late 40 year old husband Ryan gave up in his fight with Coronavirus after battling the virus for 11 days.

According to Hilary, her husband Ryan became unwell on March 20 with a temperature and tragically died 11 days later. The family believes the dad of two caught the bug after he returned  from Dubai to Scotland to celebrate his 40th birthday and watch Rangers’ clash with Bayer Leverkusen at Glasgow, Scotland.

Ryan, Hilary and their two sons Aaron, 13, and Andrew 11, stayed in a holiday suite in Glasgow city centre during their trip home.

When his condition worsened, Ryan was told to remain isolated and stay in his bedroom at the flat. He passed away when he couldn’t bare to suffer no more.

Hilary told the Scottish Sun: “I think Ryan didn’t want to go to hospital, he kept saying “I don’t want to leave you”.

“He was scared to go to hospital in case something happened and he was on his own.

“After 10 days of being in his bed with a fever, temperature and coughing, Ryan didn’t really speak.

“He was really struggling with his breathing.

“Later that evening, I thought he started to seem a bit better, he managed to make it through to sit on the sofa.

“That was when he turned and said to me ‘I’m done, Hilary, I can’t keep fighting it’.

“He went to his bed that night and when I went to check on him the following morning – Day 11 – he was gone. “He was just lifeless.”

Hilary continued: “The paramedics worked to try and bring him back but it was too late.

“It all happened so suddenly, from the fever to that in just a few days.

“The boys got to say cheerio to him, so at least they have that.”

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