MONEY HEIST! Who’s Your Favourite Character? – Drop your comments

Hello Guys,

No doubt, this has been the most interesting movie since the day one, it doesn’t need a hype.

Just few days Neflix releases the trailer of the season 4, everyone can’t keep their cool as we all want it sharp sharp.

If you have being a heavy fan of MONEY HEIST, then this post is for you. Let’s know if you really understands the movie even when some seasons doesn’t speak English. πŸ€“

The Characters below:

  1. The Professor
  2. Tokio
  3. Nairobi
  4. Raquel
  5. Denver
  6. Rio
  7. Berlin
  8. Monica
  9. Helsinki

➨ So guys, over to you. For me β€˜Denver’ na ma man.

Who’s your favorite character?

Drop your comments.


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