GAMERS! GTA San Andreas Or God of War; which is the best adventurous game ever?

Happy Sunday guys, trust you all having a good and memorable weekend.

Today, we would be discussing about the best two heavyweight game – GTA San Andreas and God of War.

GTA San Andreas

GTA SA is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games. Which comes a full lifestyle of a gangsta, hood and all the streets characters.
Funny, if you’ve not played GTA SA seriously you missing a huge fun. Carl Johnson, Frank Tempenny, OG Loc etc. 😃

The character in GTA can acquire a house, work for money, goes to jail, swim, have sex🔞 and many more.
Man GTA San Andreas too good abeg.

God Of War

GOW is another dope action-adventure game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Based in ancient mythology, the story of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who was tricked into killing his Family.

GOW comes with a terrifying missions, originally released in 2005.

This is the least i can talk about the two games, if there’s anything i didn’t mention, perhaps, the comments box is there for it.


GTA San Andreas Vs God Of War; Which is the BEST adventurous Game Ever?

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