Anita Joseph calls out her bestie Uche Elendu, asks if she is a witch (Video)

Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has called out her best friend Uche Elendu, went as far as asking if she was a witch over an issue they had over hair.

Anita Joseph shared a video on her social media page where she stated all she has done for Uche Elendu who was her best friend before they had an issue around her advertising the hair from another brand other than hers.

She decided to shed light on the issue that started after Anita advertised a hair on her page which was not that of Uche Elendu her best friend which she has always advertised on her platform. According to her, Uche reached out to her saying she shouldn’t have advertised the hair because people will start thinking her hair is not original.

This led to a big fight between the two and Anita is now asking if she is a witch because only a witch would not want her friend to prosper. She did all she could for free, to let her hair and eyelashes business grow so why should she be upset if she advertises other people who pay her to advertise their hair.

She claims she isn’t her brand ambassador, has never gotten one hair for free from her, instead she has bought hair worth more than 1 million naira which she paid in installments. She said Uche should be ashamed of herself for not giving her even one hair, only claiming she gave her the hair at discounted rates.

Stop that bullshit …. fuck you 

So I did a hair Advert and my so called best friend said I betrayed her how am I your Ambassador 路‍♀️I still buy your hair and pay you and still advertise it for you even more than you do …am loyal but not stupid ‍♀️

Watch the video below.

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