Man reveals how his mum dealt with a Dangote cement truck driver who vanished after bashing her car

A man has taken to his social media page to share what his mum dealt with a Dangote cement truck driver who bashed her car and varnished.

According to Onyeari Arinze, his mum was in her car with her driver travelling from Lagos to Benin when a Dangote cement truck driver hit her and instead of him to discuss how they can settle the issue, varnished from the scene of the accident.

He revealed that the truck had about 900 bags of cement loaded in it. His claims his mum simply paid a driver to drive the truck behind her to their home since she could not find the driver.

He shared;

So today my mum was traveling with her driver to Benin from Lagos. A dangote truck loaded with 900 bags of cements hit her car in sagamu and the driver vanished. She then payed another man 20k to drive the truck to Benin with her.

The truck still Dey with her 😂. What type of woman did my dad marry tori olorun😂

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