You won’t believe what woman did after she caused serious road accident

An obviously angry Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to rant on how a woman caused a serious damage to his car after an accident.

In his narration, he wrote that the moment she realised what she had done, she began to fume on how the man had damaged her car and at the same time intimidating her, while they had nit even uttered a single word to her.

Read the full story and see what eventually happened.

Had an accident over the weekend. A lady swerved into our car denting and tearing the drivers door.. We parked, came down and started assessing the damage to both cars.. Our car came off worse cos hers just got a scratch

Immediately she got down, she started making calls.. Telling us to see what we’d done to her car.. Lmaooo.. my friend replied, madam have you seen mine? Do you realize you hit us from the side?

Then he asked who she was calling, are you calling your mechanic? Naso this woman begin para. I’m calling my husband, he’s a police officer. Is it because I’m a woman that you’re trying to intimidate me? Lmaoooo. That was when I lost it.

Nne are you alright? Did we even utter any word to you after we parked? We were ready to resolve this on the spot but you’re already calling your husband and police officers and you’re speaking of intimidation?

To be fair to her I think she was more intimidated seeing two 6’5” men fall out from the car and towering down on her.. But that’s on her cos we hadn’t made any demands of her yet.

Her man arrived 20 minutes later, assessed both cars & they started speaking Hausa.. Clearly, he told her she was in the wrong cos she became apologetic.Talking about how we are all Christians😒Had a gentleman’s agreement with her man,shook hands & left but boy was I pissed?

The accident happened cos of the wickedness in you women’s hearts. She was parked, saw us overtaking her and at that moment she intended to block us as per alagídì… Nonsense..

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