Lady texted her boyfriend she is breaking up with him, she met a cool guy she wants sex with (A MUST Read)

A guy revealed that his girlfriend texted him to say she is breaking up with him because she met a cool guy she wants to have sex with.

The guy stated that he and his girlfriend made a promise to each other, never to cheat on each other and if it ever gets to that point, they would end it instead.

Here are some reactions from his followers;

@tbabson47 – It’s definitely painful, but trust me, be the man that you are, never look down on yourself, raise your head up high and tell yourself you’re the best in the world. This is a phase in your life that will definitely pass. Believe brah, believe.

@sijagar – When a man steals your girlfriend, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her

@countabsolute – D way sex dey free dis days henh, it will nt b consider as cheating soon

@excelbobby – 😪The pun of the line breaking up went over a lot of heads I can guess. Anyway, now you need to find someone else you’ll build a stronger connection with that will make you glo everywhere you go that even 9 mobile & blind men can sense it cause they can hear even air tell it 😎😈

@Dsage_BigHeart – Messages like this can spoil someone’s appetite for the most delicious food.
I hope you didn’t recieve the message during meal time ooo?

@Q_endy – Painful and I’ll rather have this blunt truth than be disrespected and taken for granted.

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