Groom calls off wedding after seeing proof that his wife-to-be is having an affair (Video)

A wedding was called off after the groom allegedly received proof revealing that his wife-to-be is having an affair with a politician.

The groom refused to go through with the wedding even after the bride-to-be went on her knees begging that him.

In a video has is now going viral, a bride-to-be wearing her wedding dressing preparing to walk down the aisle with her husband can be seen making frantic efforts to get her husband-to-be to forgive her and get on with the marriage.

Guests at the wedding also tried to beg the groom who insisted his wife-to-be should not come close to him, most had to idea at the time the reason for his actions as they begged him to stay calm while they tried to salvage the situation.

A woman in the crowd trying to beg the groom could be heard shouting, “i told you about it, sebi i warn you, i warn you, you no gree hear me, i warn you, you no see am?”

Watch the video below.

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