Xenophobia: Video of Nigerians looting Shoprite malls in Lagos

Another video we came across on social media showed the moments Nigerians invaded two Shoprite malls in Lagos looting them of merchandise.

According to a report on social media, the Shoprite Malls at Surulere and Sangotedo, were attacked by the looters who made away with products worth millions of Naira.

The looters invaded the many shops in the malls and they were spotted leaving the scene with their spoils. Some of them carted away LCD TVs, big fridges, microwaves, household items and many more.

The looting went on for many minutes and there was no sign of any security operatives at the scene to stop the attackers from carrying out their evil act.

There had been plans to stage protests across the South African-owned companies in the country yesterday. These protests were eventually hijacked by touts in Lagos who turned it into a violent attack on the malls before it escalated into massive looting.

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