A CRY FOR HELP! Save 3Years Adanna suffering from Lukuemia (See Details)

15th July 2018
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My name is Mr Ifewulu Edmond popularly known as DJ Vegas Formally with Silverbird/Rhythm 95.7fm Awka…

Now with Ogene 98.3fm Awka

This is my 3 year old baby Adanna Jennifer Ifewulu facing a battle that no one should have to face, especially at such a young age:

It all began with joint pain that started from one knee to the other knee, and gradually taking over her whole body with severe abdominal pain that gave us series of sleepiness nights and looking at the face of Adanna as she cried bitterly, calling daddy and mummy but we couldn’t help her stop the pain.

Searching for what is wrong with Adanna, we were faced with more lab tests, hospital referrals, new faces of Paediatricians, Orthopedics, Rhematologist, Surgeons, nurses, injections and drugs.

It was May 2018 when an hematologist diagnosed her and said the result was pointing at leukemia, everything became dark and life threw us on a fresh page of more confusion that made me ask God a Question “WHY ME”.

We were referred to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Anambra state for a confirmatory test (Bone marrow biopsy).

Biopsy day has come and we all prayed so hard for a negative result, but then we got the answer we had been so afraid of. It is LEUKEMIA (blood Cancer). I looked at Adanna with tears in my eyes and Adanna asked “Daddy are you crying?” I now remembered that I needed to be strong for my family and for Adanna, then I quickly smiled and said “no baby, daddy is fine”.

Treatment commenced so as to stabilize her after so many drugs and injections, but it is obvious that she can’t be treated here due to inadequate facilities, and here came another sad news that, Adanna needs to be taken outside the country for treatment.

Am writing this letter in tears looking at Adanna as she is in bed with pains at Paediatrics ward in NAUTH Nnewi, Anambra state.

The South African hospital we are currently discussing with now is giving a fee of 25m (Twenty five million Naira) which I cannot possibly come up with and I cannot watch my baby suffer.

I am begging Nigerians to come to Adanna’s rescue..

Ifewulu Jennifer Adanna 3126671176 First bank ‎

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me (her father) or her doctor through the phone number or via this email djvegasnig@yahoo.com

Yours sincerely

IFEWULU EDMOND (Dj Vegas) ‘Adanna’s Father’ 07061987699

Dr Okocha. 08157562224 Haematologist NAUTH

See more pics below


Mr Hotzee – Grace (Prod. LiquidMix)

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