Charly Boy begs President Buhari with his late father’s name to leave office

27th April 2018

According to Charly Boy, since President Buhari came into power, Nigeria and Nigerians have been through myriads of issues

Nigerian veteran singer, Charly Boy, who is one of the #ourmumudondo campaign leaders has begged President Buhari to leave office.

According to Charly Boy, since President Buhari came into power, Nigeria and Nigerians have been through myriads of issues. His tweets reads;

Oga Buhari, I beg you with all that you hold sacred, I beg you with the name of late Justice Oputa, leave us alone. No be today you begin fail. As dem say u no dey thief, yet na thief pple surround u. IG of police dey do anyhow, herdsmen dey kill us, u no fit act .Abegi Waka.

Buhari, so you can’t hear the people’s cry. You can’t feel our pain. Since u come na from one gobe to another. I know say you no send. Una dey do us anyhow una like. Wali!!!! Na una go take una head carryam 0!!’

We reported few days ago that Charly Boy trolled on President Buhari’s son, Yusuf, following the #lazynigerianyouth statement linked to the Nigerian President.

Charly Boy who trolled on President Buhari’s son, Yusuf Buhari who was flown to Germany for treatment after he was involved in a motorbike accident, wrote;

This is Yusuf
He doesn’t like to work( can’t blame him)
He stays in a free house, eats free food and rides a power bike all day long.
If he has a headache, he flies a chartered or presidential plane to some of the finest hospitals to treat himself for free.
He can never be broke like us, always liquid because oil money no dey finish.
However, he is a lazy Nigerian.
Don’t be like Yusuf.

Charly Boy also added;

On behalf of the exceptional, hard working, the ever gallant Nigeria youths I urge you mr President to please show some respect. #Ourmumu don do.

It is clear dat the only reason old pple like u insist in remaining in power is dat you fear a life without oil money, you all are worthless you bring nothing to the table. The future of the youths can never belong to the old.

See how you and your likes killed and destroyed education in this country because it means nothing to you, by d way hv u found ur missing certificate?

When leaders are clueless, Incompetent, clueless, analogish, myopic, mongoparkish dey are also lazy, because dey inspire no one, dey motivate no one, dey kill pple’s hopes an dreams, dey contribute nothing to the youths growth.

The lazy youths na ur children crashing out on power bikes, shopping at Herolds in london with our oil money. Mr Presidento!!nigerian oil money has paid u for not adding value to our lives, you hv no visible thriving buisness dat provides employment for thousands of youths.

What legacy would you and your likes say you bequeathed to the youths apart from ethnic distrust, suspicion, religious intolerance and corruption. Na you I dey ask.

Three years ago, you told us dat you would create three million jobs yearly, but in three years, over 9 million Nigerians have lost their jobs. U told us dat u will stop medical tourisim but you and family enjoy the best medical attention abroad, while we die like rats here.

So Oga Buhari u get the mind to call nigerian youths lazy and uneducated after ur generation stole and destroyed their future? Haba!!!!!!


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