MUSIC: Epitome – My You (Prod. by Blaqprince)

12th December 2017

Wonders shall never end! Finally, a song that
massages human soul has arrived. This upcoming
highly talented artist whose stage name is ‘Epitome’
has partnered with wonderful producers: ‘BlaqPrince’
‘and ‘Chiefmix’ for the production of this wonderful
song titled ‘My You’. The partnership turned out to be
like when a perfect model meets a wonderful tailor
for utilization of a nice clothing material. Surely, that
song that has been existing as your favorite will be
quickly deposed as soon as you listen to ‘My You’.
Epitome said he totally avoided vocal treatment in
this song because the love he expresses is true and
real. His bass tone reveals that the beauty of a thing
fully comes out when artificial is avoided. For lovers
that treat their partners like a baby, this song is more
than a lullaby.

WARNING: The sweetness of this song will not allow
you listen to other songs.

Download it, join other millions of listeners and be
filled with pleasure.


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