Unbelievable! Village in Complete Shock as 3-month-old Baby Begins to Speak…Shocking Details

20th September 2016
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A little baby has given residents the shock of their lives when she began to talk like an adult.

Residents of Bilaa B village in Tongaren constituency, Bungoma county, Kenya have been throroughly shocked after a three-month-old baby girl began to speak.
According to Tuko, family and residents were stunned after the three-month-old baby started to actually say words.
The incident has seen villagers flocking the home to witness the baby speak.
The baby’s parents, Patrick Wasike and Salome Wangila, have asked village elders to investigate what is happening to their child as the incident has never occurred in the village.
”My child just says words… When she wants to eat something she asks for it. If you refuse to give it to her she begins to cry,” the baby’s mother said.
The baby’s grandmother said the child first started to speak on August 2, 2016.
“The mother wanted to breastfeed her but she demanded for porridge,
“She spoke again while I was digging for potatoes for lunch. A neighbour came and asked for the potatoes and the child told her not to eat anything from this home,” she said.


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